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Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) - SLIMLINE
Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) - SLIMLINE
Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) - SLIMLINE
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Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) - SLIMLINE

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US Patent No 11,333,459
Works on Air Rifles, 22's, 3gun/AR's, and Hunting & Precision Rifles; the SLIMLINE does it all.
Support barrels up to ~.89" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle
The SLIMLINE was built for those users with lighter contour barrels while still retaining the same capabilities as our competition model in a lighter, more streamlined package. The SLIMLINE is 1.25" in diameter and will fit under a skinny AR handguard such as a 3Gun setup. It has also been proven to work great on hunting rifle countours, Air Rifles, 22's and more. It truly is an all purpose tuner. 
The SLIMLINE has been proven on the Rapid Air Weapons HM1000X Air Rifle and was also showcased at SHOT on their booth rifle.

If you would like a thread specification not offered by default, please select the Custom Thread Option and add your thread specs in the notes on the cart page during checkout. Threads smaller than 1/2" or larger than 13/16 or .8125" diameter are not offered.
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Support barrels up to ~.89" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle and weighs approximately 4oz. The tapered version accommodates larger barrel contours than the original while maintaining a closer fit to the barrel to avoid catching it on barricades or external objects. 

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Note: The ATS is designed to be used with a thread protector, muzzlebrake or suppressor to secure the ATS in place. If you have a timed muzzle brake or a muzzle brake that is not self timing via a reverse jam nut then the ATS may not work with your setup. 

Current production Models are black nitride and have reference markings laser engraved on the outside of the tuner weight. The silver models you see in the gallery are first run prototypes used during the testing phases.

  • Utilizes your existing muzzle threads
  • No additional gunsmith work required
  • All common thread types available
  • Allows using your existing muzzle brake or suppressor of choice

Have you ever showed up to a match or a hunting trip with ammo that was shooting one ragged hole when you left and is now shooting completely different? Do you want the ability to squeeze that last bit of performance out of your rifle with hand-loaded or factory ammo? Then the Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) be what you’re looking for.

The Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) was initially developed by Aaron Hipp, a Competitive Precision Rifle Shooter. The goal was to design a tuning system capable of supporting the demanding needs of the shooting community, overcome existing tuner design limitations, and most importantly, provide flexibility to use across multiple rifle systems and configurations with no additional rifle modifications required!
Key features of the Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) not found on other tuners are that it allows the shooter to use their existing muzzle brake or suppressor of choice and mounts to the rifles EXISTING MUZZLE THREADS!  The The Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) is easily moved from rifle to rifle and does NOT require any additional gunsmith work; unlike most other tuners currently available. 
The Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) threads on to your existing muzzle threads and slides over your barrel without touching it. It will support barrels up to ~.9" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle. The Adaptive Tuning System (ATS) is focused on those shooters that want a flexible system that allows simple tuning of their rifle system across a broad range of disciplines and setups such as: 22, Benchrest, F-Class, PRS, ELR, or Hunting disciplines whether using hand loaded or factory ammo.


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