US Patent No 11,333,459

Adaptive Tuning System (ATS)

Utilizes your existing muzzle threads

No additional gunsmith work required

All common thread types available

Allows using your existing muzzlebrake or suppressor of choice

US Patent No 11,333,459

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Adaptive Tuning System (ATS)

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Adaptive Tuning System Models

Competition Model

Black Nitride or Stainless

Support barrels up to ~1.08" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle. 

The tapered version accommodates larger barrel contours while maintaining a closer fit to the barrel to avoid catching it on barricades or external objects. 

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NEW - ATS Slimline!

Supports up to a ~.89" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle.

Specifically made for smaller diameter barrels such as Rimfire, Centerfire, 3Gun, Hunting Rifles, RAW Air Rifles and more!


XL Edition

Black Nitride or Stainless

Support barrels up to ~1.3" diameter approximately 3 inches behind the muzzle and will weigh ~7 oz. 

XL will be black nitride with a potential for a small quantity of Stainless. Stainless will not be available for pre-order.

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NEW - Airgun Tuners!

RAW Airguns and Airguns with barrel shrouds up to 1.14"

Accomodates RAW airguns with their thread adapter. as well as any airguns with barrel shrouds up to ~1.14" in diameter.

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Hunting Model

Black Nitride Only

Support barrels up to .750" diameter approximately 2 inches behind the muzzle.    

Above image is model on a Bartlein 3b profile The hunting model has been developed specifically for Hunting applications and rifles with lighter profile barrels. The ATS-H weighs approximately 3.7oz and the dimensions have been modified to provide hunters with the same great performance of our Competition Model but in a smaller profile package. 

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New products coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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User Testimonials

"After tuning with the ATS - Two different shooters, same rifle! It hammers!"

"It works! - 300 Norma Suppressed .989" at 580 yards"

Ryan Pierce - Piercision Precision Rifles

"My First Win! - Using the Adaptive Tuning System!"

"Quite possibly the smallest 3 shot group I’ve shot to date( yes both squares are 3 shots)."

"First day playing with the Adaptive Tuning System shooting factory Hornady 6cm 108gr ammo. It made an already laser beam barrel even tighter shooting! Both are 3 shot groups!"

"Here are 5 shots when fouling after 5 shots to re-zero. I was using a bullet hole as my target. Then I changed lots and the second shots after changing without even changing tuner."

"I can attest this little bugger works. Factory Federal 223/77gn Ammo"

 "Im sold on the Adaptive Tuning System! - Group is under 1" at 610 yards"

"Im a believer in the Adaptive Tuning System!   This was shot with Factory Ammo after tuning with the ATS. This rifle was previously a 1 MOA at best rifle!"

"To say it works is an understatement. Shot with my 7-300WSM shooting 197 SMK'S. It's typically 1/2" or so and consistent prior to the tuner. Groups 2 and 5 (L to R) are typical but it has NEVER produced a group like #4.

Needless to say I'm ordering 2 more of them to put on my other rifles."

"Very satisfied with the Adaptive Tuning System!"

"My first attempt with my 7SAUM at 100yds with the Adaptive Tuning System. 09 looks like a winner!"

"Shot these two groups after tuning with the ATS and I was shooting factory ammo!